Red Cherry Shrimp and Malawa Shrimp Care Guide

Red Cherry Shrimp and Malawa shrimp are amazing creatures. Not only do they provide hours of peaceful entertainment, they also help clean and remove excess food in the aquarium. Their beneficial cleaning habits are welcomed in almost all tank setups. These little guys have proven to be very hardy and resilient to changes given adequate tank conditions. Feeding on hair algae and left over food in the gravel, these shrimp know how to clean without being a nuisance to care for.

Shrimp can even survive some harsh aggressive tank mates given the proper hiding places. Large creek rocks work extremely well with aggressive fish. The shrimp are able to hide in the rocks away from large predators. Feeding on left over food caught in the rocks also provides a safe place for shrimp to relax and eat.

Different times of year, I have different numbers of stock. Please contact me regarding stock prior to placing an order. Shrimp are available for shipment in the general 48 states. I do not ship internationally. I do offer live arrival guarantee with proof and picture of DOA within 3 hours of shipment delivery. I aim to please and share these wonderful pets to the rest of the world. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

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